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About Frank Ishman, aka ISH

After decades of being on set with directors such as Mamet, Scorsese, Nichols and Tarantino, and having the privilege of being a child actor, photographer Frank Ishman is moving into film. This progression of his love of the still image coupled with his natural ability to interact with actors and his understanding of the pure physicality and attention to detail that all crew members must have for a successful production, make him the perfect director to help narrate your story or vision.

With long-term ambitions of working on a feature film, Frank's technical understanding to carry out productions with crews of any size or to pull off smaller productions independently, and his love of story boarding were all clear signs that a career in the film industry was inevitable. 

Now based in Chicago, Frank is perfectly positioned to pop back east or out west for any project. His teams of Midwest, East and West Coast producers are some of the best in the industry and can handle all legal rules and regulations in working with both union and non-union crews. 

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